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Asthm Yar ( Spacer ) is an add-on device used to increase the ease of administering aerosolized medication from a Metered Dose Inhalers(MDI). The spacer adds space in the form of a “chamber” between the canister of medication and the patient’s mouth, allowing the patient to inhale the medication by breathing in slowly and deeply with great ease.


  • In order to properly use an inhaler without a spacer, one has to coordinate a certain number of actions in a set order (pressing down on the inhaler, breathing in deeply as soon as the medication is released, holding your breath, exhaling), and not all patients are able to master this sequence. Use of Asthm Yar avoids such timing issues. Asthm Yar slows down the speed of the aerosol coming from the inhaler, meaning that less of the drug impacts on the back of the mouth and somewhat more will get into the lungs. Because of this, less medication is needed for an effective dose to reach the lungs, and there are fewer side effects from corticosteroid residue in the mouth.
  • Valve on Asthm Yar (which technically makes it a holding chamber) cause the patient to inhale the contents of the spacer, but exhalation goes out into the air. The problem of co-ordinating an inspiration with a press of an inhaler is avoided, making use easier for children under five and the elderly.
    It also makes asthma medication easier to deliver during an attack.
    For this reason, doctors highly recommend the use of spacer.